Henry Wood

(1818 - 1881)
Henry Wood took over the 6 & 7 West Smithfield part of the business when he and his brother Robert Henry Wood dissolved their partnership in 1861, Robert Henry taking the business in Maidstone.
In 1864 Henry was granted a patent for ‘Wood's Improvements in Weighing Machines', but the business ran into financial difficulties and in 1867 the bailiffs were called in.
The firm was bought by Thomas Herbert, the sale agreement including a clause forbidding Henry from carrying on his trade as a scalemaker within 30 miles of West Smithfield.
Henry however removed himself to Southampton, and started again in the scale trade.  He eventually retired around 1882 when the business was bought by George Arthur Wedderburn, son of Jabez Wederburn II (1827-1882).  The firm continues to this day as G A Wedderburn & Co Ltd.

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Henry Wood