World War II

On 3rd September 1939 Britain and France declared war on Germany.

During WWII, the Company’s resources were turned over almost entirely to war work, and manufacture of our standard ranges of mincers and weighing machines virtually ceased.

Over a quarter of a million components were turned out for a number of military uses, including the Lancaster Bomber and the Mosquito Fighter Bomber, and we manufactured:

22,000 aileron hinges
6,500 seat components for Lancasters
16,000 elevator tube assemblies
54,000 protractor instrument bodies
4,000 searchlight motor body units
98,000 bomb hooks
14,800 meat press pans
11,800 armourers vices
8,000 other vices

Of the ‘conventional’ products, we built:

14,000 56lb steelyards
3,000 200/300lb steelyards
1,700 2½cwt beam scales
470 shell weighers between 20lb and 55lb capacity
700 personal weighers for medical inspection centres
200 meat mincers
650,000 mincer knives and plates

World War II

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