Bob Chinery

Bob Chinery (or Bob Chenery) worked as a Horse and Van Driver for Herbert & Sons.
He is pictured in the first photograph on our move from St George Street in 1915 (Back row, 7th from left), and was still with us in 1931 in the second photograph (back row, 7th from left), which shows 11 members of the Company, mostly outside mechanics, possibly on a summer outing in the country.
Standing,left to right: Johnie Clark (Boy), Steve Marriage (O.D.Mechanic), E. Perrin(O.D.Foreman), C.S (O.D.Mechanic), Davidson (O.D. Mechanic), Jim Welch(O.D.Mechanic), Old Bob (Bob Chenery), Jim Heals (Works Manager)
Seated, left to right: W Burrows (O.D.Mechanic), Billingham (O.D.Mechanic), Fred Betts (Chargehand)

Bob Chinery
Picture of Bob Chinery
Image of Bob Chinery