Fred Betts

Frederick Arthur Betts
Fred Betts was born in Shoreditch in 1892, joined the Company in 1907 aged 15 and trained as a scalemaker.
Fred is wearing the “On War Service 1915”  badge for men issued by The War Office (Ministry of Munitions).  The issue of the badge originated by a very large number of men declaring that they were taken, to use their own words, for “shirkers and slackers” and taunted in the street for not wearing Khaki.” 
Fred is also pictured (right) with Mr. Smallbone, Scale Shop Foreman (centre) and Stan Lee (left) adjusting a fan scale at Angel Road, Edmonton in 1948.
Fred retired in 1958 after 51 years service, died on May 10th 1963.
Photograph dated 1931
Standing, left to right: Johnie Clark (Boy), Steve Marriage (O.D.Mechanic), Ernie.Perrin (O.D.Foreman), C.S (O.D.Mechanic), Davidson (O.D.Mechanic), Jim Welch (O.D.Mechanic), Old Bob (Bob Chenery), Jim Heals (Works Manager)
Seated, left to right: W Burrows (O.D.Mechanic), Billingham (O.D.Mechanic), Fred Betts (Chargehand)

Fred Betts
Picture of Fred Betts
Image of Fred Betts