Walter Chapman

Walter Osborne Chapman (1872 1959)
Walter Osborne Chapman was born in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire in 1872.  He joined the Company in 1923, retiring as our East Anglian representative in 1953 after 29 years service.
He is pictured here at the Lion Society 25 year dinner at the Rutland Hotel Smithfield on 30th September 1950.
In 1952, A.F. Herbert (Fitz) said of Walter "A fine example of this is Mr. Chapman.  When he came to us many years ago, I wondered if he would make good.  He had a difficult task, following a man who died suddenly just as he was becoming very successful and had reached the £500 per month mark.  I thought, "He'll have a rough journey there.  But Mr. Chapman made good slowly and surely.  And I am told that his success has been due to the fact that he has subordinated himself to the customer by being obliging and helpful."
On the right are two photographs of pre-printed envelopes dated 1929 and 1935 respectively.
Walter Chapman died at the Royal Suffolk Hospital, Ipswich on July 6th 1959.

Walter Chapman
Picture of Walter Chapman
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