Bob Green

Robert Charles Green (1938 - 1998)
Bob Green was born in Edmonton on 11 October 1938, and started with the Company as an apprentice at Angel Road in April 1954, training as a scalemaker.  When the Company moved its headquarters and factory from North London to Haverhill in 1968, Bob was appointed to manage the London Depot created at Ely Road, later moving it to Walthamstow in 1978.
Bob played a valuable role in the service reorganisation in 1989 – as a result of which all call handling and spare activities were centred in Haverhill.
Bob was a sports fanatic whose main love was cricket where he was an accredited national coach.  During his playing years he played for Edmonton, Jackdaws and Saracens and was affectionately nicknamed ‘Cabbage’ by his team mates.
Following a triple heart by-pass operation in 1984, Bob made a full and speedy recovery, but a major stroke in 1993 left him with only partial sight and he took early retirement in April 1994 after forty years with the Company.
Bob pictured at his retirement gathering on 17 June 1994 with left to right:
George Davidson, Les Skates, a friend, Eddie Dryden, Jim Herbert, Peter Coates, Eddie Wheeler, Rose Stopford, Ted Levett, Kim Mead, Ted Crichton and Richard Herbert.
The photograph on the right shows Bob in a brochure outlining our service capabilities.
Bob died on 26th July 1998.

Bob Green
Picture of Bob Green
Image of Bob Green