Ian Young

Ian Mcleod Young (1936 - 1996)
Ian joined us on a part-time basis in 1987, after taking early retirement from ICL due to ill health, and was an Associate Director of the Company.
Ianís position at ICL was Management Services Manager of their Worldwide Spares Division where he had been responsible for the specification, testing and implementation of a new spares logistics system.
Ianís first task at Herbert was to look at our spares distribution system.  Following this assignment and report, Martin Brown was appointed as Spares Logistics Manager.  Ian subsequently examined our proposals for a central call control system and this was implemented in 1988, forming the basis of the successful service operation which we have today.
Ian also co-ordinated production of our Corporate Plans, as well as undertaking specific projects, ranging from disaster recovery and succession planning through to supply chain improvement and a development review.  He was working on our telecommunications strategy in October when he had to return to hospital following a deterioration in his health.  Ian had suffered from diabetes since his early twenties, a condition which he had fought with courage and determination, but he died on 1st November 1996, aged 60. 

Ian Young
Picture of Ian Young