Ted Brown

Edward Charles Brown (1918 – 1993)
Ted Brown was born in Edmonton on 26th April 1918.  He joined Herberts in December 1946 following some 8 years with Wrighton Engineering of Tottenham, where he had served his apprenticeship.  Mr. Jarvis, our Works Supervisor at that time, who had previously worked with Wrightons was instrumental in introducing Ted to our ranks.
After a spell on maintenance work, he became a lathe operator and in 1967 took over a newly installed group of NMC lathes and mills, the very latest in technology at that time, and operated electronic auto machines until his retirement.
The photograph on the right shows Ted at a lathe taken by Jack Herbert in June 1971.
He moved to Haverhill with the Company in 1968 where his skills as a gardener became evident when his garden on Chalkstone was used in a publicity shot for the town.
He met and married Edie Brown in London and they had four sons and one daughter.
Ted retired on 5th May 1983 in his 37th year with the Company, and at a small gathering of the Works Liaison Committee, he was presented with a cheque by the Chairman on behalf of the Company and a further cheque, together with a set of gardening tools from his colleagues. The Lion News reported that Ted ‘….in gardening terms has always called ‘a spade a spade and not a bloody shovel‘.
Ted died at his home in Haverhill on 25th March 1993.

Ted Brown
Picture of Ted Brown