Les Jarvis

Leslie Philip Jarvis (1905 1968)
Les Jarvis was born on 23rd November 1905, and married Joan Elizabeth Woodhouse in Lower Edmonton on 18 December 1938.
Les joined the Company in 1946 as Works Supervisor, and steered the Company through the transition back from complete war work to scale and mincer production.
In 1968 Les and his wife had decided not to move with the Company to the new factory, but he had planned to take lodgings in Haverhill to help us settle in.  However he caught pneumonia in August 1968, so such an arrangement was not possible and he retired at the end of September.
Regrettably Les was then diagnosed with lung cancer, and died in Whittington Hospital, Highgate on 7th October 1968.

Les Jarvis
Picture of Les Jarvis