John Bond

John Bond (1828 – 1883) [?]
John Bond was a foreman scalemaker employed by the Company from around 1850 to 1882, when he appeared at Clerkenwell Police Court charged with stealing lead from the Company.
John, aged 54, was found guilty and sentenced to 6 weeks imprisonment with hard labour, and presumably was sacked.
An undated cutting from a newspaper of the time is in one of our scrapbooks, reproduced here.
From census and bmd records we know that John Bond was born in Woolwich, Kent, most probably on 19th March 1828, his parents being William and Jane.  He married Mary Ann (probably Tiedeman), a weaver, and they had three daughters, Sarah Jane (b1849), Mary Ann (b1852) and Emily (b1854).  Mary Ann died, probably in 1876, and John married Sarah, a tailoress.  At the time of the 1881 census they were living in Caledonian Road, and John was a scalemaker.  If the newspaper report of his age was correct – and they can be notoriously unreliable –the offence was committed in 1882.  It is likely that he died in 1883 aged 55 in Camberwell.
(The newspaper cutting is undated, but the magistrate, Mr John Hosack, sat at Clerkenwell between August 1877 until his death in November 1887).

John Bond
Picture of John Bond