Phil Beddoes

Philip John Beddoes (1957 - 2015)
Phil joined the Company on 17 July 1995 as a Key Account Manager in the Industrial business, covering the West Country with customers such as Sun Valley and Lloyd Maunder.
In due course he was promoted to National Sales Manager and Export Sales Manager
On one occasion, when returning from a visit to South Africa, Phil was arrested at Heathrow.  "As we landed" Phil said at the time, "there was a tannoy announcement asking for a Phil Beddoes to report to the cabin crew.  I did so and was met by three armed police officers who told me I was under arrest.  For what they couldn't say.  Phil was "lead off the plane in front of everyone, marched through the terminal and into the cage of a waiting police van.  His laces were removed, and he was put into a cell at Heathrow Police Station for nearly four hours.  Eventually the police realised that it was a case of mistaken identity, and Phil was released.
Phil is pictured right on our stand at Foodex Meatex 2000 at the NEC.  Left to right are:
Gerry Smith, Iain Simpson, Colin Eddison, Chris Battye, Unknown, Chris Davies, Mark Finley, Peter Wallis, Phil Beddoes, Steve Worth, Ian Merchant, Jan Rees, unknown, Peter Mortimer, Dave Brown, Colin Eade, Unknown, Graham Dorney, Graham Arnold, Andy Duncan, Jon Williams, Richard Herbert.
Phil left Herbert Industrial on 16 April 2009, shortly before the business was sold.  He died on 6th December 2015.

Phil Beddoes
Picture of Phil Beddoes