Dave Caldwell

David Isaac Caldwell (1955 - 2017)

David Caldwell joined Herberts from W & T Avery Ltd. in January 1980 as a service engineer, based in Luton, and married Kathleen in May 1980.

Initially Dave worked from our London depot in Walthamstow under Bob Green.

In 1996 Dave took on service of our Food Processing range, and transferred to Herbert Industrial.

He returned to Retail in July 1999, just in time for metrication.

Dave was a keen golfer, and for his 25 year long-service award in 2005 he chose a set of golf clubs.

Unfortunately Dave was diagnosed with cancer in early 2015, and had several operations and treatment. He returned to work part-time in May 2016, but by the end of the year further cancer was diagnosed, and David died on 22nd June 2017.

Dave Caldwell