Cash Till

The Company sold a range of cash handling devices, including cash tills, till blocks, cash bowls and rubber cash mats, from the 1890s to the 1960s.

This cash till, serial number 22280, is marked 'Herbert & Sons', so was probably sold before we became a Limited Company in 1909.

The address of our supplier, GH Gledhill and Sons Ltd, is shown as Trinity Works, Halifax, into which they moved in 1892.

The till has a paper roll, onto which the shop assistant wrote the amount of the sale, and opened the drawer, which sounded a small bell. The customer was given their change, and the drawer was closed, which automatically wound the till roll on.

Gledhill's was established by George H Gledhill, supported by his sons, Arthur H Gledhill, Gilbert Gledhill and Walter G Gledhill, to produce his new inventions. Whilst running a millinery business in Northgate, Halifax, in 1886, he invented an automatic cash till and automatic cash displayer.

The Gledhill’s between them had over 100 patents, the first relating to cash handling being ‘Apparatus for checking the receipt of money’ in 1888.

Cash Till

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