John Fereday

This photograph shows the 24 persons attending the firm's outing on July 11th 1864 to the Kings Head in Chigwell, Essex , a pub made famous by its inclusion in Charles Dickens' ‘Barnaby Rudge' as the Maypole Inn.
One of the attendees is a Fereday, but which one?
David Fereday of H Fereday & Sons Ltd told us that his great great grandfather was John Fereday, born in the West Midlands circa 1840.  He came to London as a very young man, his line of work was enamelling and gold decoration.
It is probable that he was carrying out this type of work for Thomas Herbert, which is the reason that he was asked on the very first firm's outing.

John Fereday
Picture of John Fereday
Image of John Fereday