Commemorative Tankard

A silver plated tankard made to commemorate a dinner held at the Kings Head Hotel in Chigwell after the laying of the cornerstone of 6&7 West Smithfield on Saturday April 13th 1889.  The cornerstone was laid by Mrs George Herbert, using a silver trowel and the event was reported in the press.
The tankard is inscribed as follows and shows the names of the 23 people at the dinner.

Dinner after laying the Corner Stone
6 & 7 West Smithfield April 13th 1889

G. Herbert Esq.

S. Betts  

W.T. Stephens

W.T. Lister  
C. Bachhoffner

J.B. Howell

   T.W. Tibbey
T. Simpson


A. Howard

T.G. Lidstone


T.C. Brown

J.L. Raine Junr


 E.C. Blackett

G. Herbert Junr  

 H.L. Bedford

W.T. Cotter Junr  

C. Richards

Louis Roche  

G. Todd

W. Cotter  

G. Jackson

W.A. Herbert


H. Herbert

(The words ‘weight for measure’ are set inside a horseshoe)
W.T. Lister (may be W.J. Lister) and J.B. Howell were churchwardens, H.L. Bedford (Henry Lewis Bedford) vestry clerk and E.C. Blackett overseer, of St. Sepulchres Church, Newgate Street.
G. Todd and G. Jackson are the builders shown as winning the tender to pull down and rebuild the premises (for £2394).
A. Howard is Alfred Howard, the architect.  Sir Nikolaus Pevsner in his guide ‘London: The City of London’ (page 624) describes the building thus: ‘Nos. 6-7, commercial classical of 1889 by A. Howard, has the cast stone lion sign of Herbert & Sons, promising 'Justice and Strength'." 
This photograph shows the 23 strong party.  The three seated centre are (left to right) Herbert Herbert, George Herbert and William Alfred Herbert Snr.  Sitting on the ground, third from left is 18 year old George Benjamin Herbert.

Commemorative Tankard

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