Fat Sprayer

This was one of the products from our Butchers Sundries range supplied from the shop at 6&7 West Smithfield.

A page from a catalogue of 1910 is shown on the right, the description reads ‘Herbert and Sons’ Improved Fat Sprayers, as illustrations, are a valuable addition to our already long list of Labour-Saving Machines, and are a great improvement on the objectionable manner in which the operation has hitherto been carried out. By using these instruments the operation can be carried out in an efficient and cleanly manner with much less trouble, and is sure to give every satisfaction.’

The ’Directions for use’ say ‘Simply fill any cup or mug with hot fat (the mug first being warmed), insert end of perpendicular tube in fat, and blow sharply, when the fat will be discharged and fall nicely as required on any part of the meat. Wash out with hot water when finished. Not liable to get out of order. No better or cheaper to be had. Saves time and labour.'

The product could also be attached to a calf pump and inflator, as also shown on the right.

Fat Sprayer

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Picture of Fat Sprayer
Image of Fat Sprayer