1950 - Rutland Hotel, Smithfield

This gathering on 30th September 1950 at the Rutland Hotel, West Smithfield, was to present tankards to members of the ‘Lion 25 Society', for those who had completed 25 years' service with the Company.
In addition there was a Special Award to Mr D.E. Perrin ( Ernie Perrin) on his retirement after 50 years' service.
The programme notes hinted at the situation in Britain in 1950, saying ‘Since the war, every effort has been made to get the business back to a peacetime footing and, in spite of the difficulties encountered these days, the Company continues to expand'.  Rationing was still in place, and the menu was quite basic:  Tomato Soup followed by Roast Chicken and Vegetables, Apple Pie, Cheese & Biscuits, and Coffee.
Those attending were A.F.Herbert (1900), D.E. Perrin (1900), F.A. Betts (1906), A.F. Bolding (1906), C.R. Freebody (1909), J. MacNaughton (1912), W.E. Phillips (1912), Mrs. A. Holland (1914), J. Eyre (1915), F. Plum (1915), A.F.W. Smallbone (1916), F. Pennell (1918), P. Chesworth (1919), F.D. Harsant (1919), P. Lowndes (1921), S. Lee (1921), W.G. Card (1922), S.J. Marriage (1922), S.H.C. Kitchen (1923), W.O. Chapman (1924), H.W. Billingham (1924), T.A.W. Davidson (1924), W.E. Gray (1924), C.H. Reeve (1924), J.A.P. D'Amant (1925), P.A. Davis (1925), G.A.E. Plater (1925), W.A. Searle (1925), G. Hunt (1926), L. Ollett (1926), F.G. Saw (1926) and W.H. Simmonds (1926).
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1950 - Rutland Hotel, Smithfield
Picture of 1950 - Rutland Hotel, Smithfield