After 250 years of trading, many museums and collections around the world contain items either made by us, or that concern us.  Among them are:

Brighton Museum - Lion Quick Action Scale spotted by Pat Hainsby

Ironbridge Gorge Museum - Lion Quick Action Scale in the Bakery (No.36) in Blists Hill Victorian Town, on loan from the Company since 1988
Museum of English Rural Life, University of Reading - Correspondence with W. Button and J.R. Button 1960-1972
Museum of London - Lion Quick Action Scale & Beam Scale
Museum of London, Sainsbury Archive Ham Stand
National Army Museum - Item 7472, Corned beef press
National Trust Collection Pewter Measure, 1pt
Norfolk Museum - Counter Scale
N Z Museums - Cheese Tester
Science Museum Coin Scale
Science Museum Steel
Science Museum - Baby Scale
Science Museum - Counter Scale 10lb
Science Museum - Counter Scale 28lb
Wolverhampton Archives, Black Country History Correspondence with Edwin Preston Ltd from 1916