George Benjamin Herbert

(1870 - 1947)
George Benjamin Herbert was the eldest son of George Herbert and Mary Ann Stephens. 
He was employed by his father in the business until 1906, but an angry note in large bold handwriting in George Senior’s letter book states ‘George Herbert Junior ceased to be in my employ April 6th 1906’, signed and dated 30th May 1906.
George Benjamin Herbert later joined Benjamin Electric Ltd, a company formed in 1908.  Their booklet ‘Lighting the Way’  published around 1958, says that:

 'One of the Company’s treasured possessions is the famous "George Herbert” Collection of Ancient Lamps.  The many primitive lighting devices from 600 B.C., through the intervening centuries, and even up to the beginning of the present one, make a striking contrast with modern equipment.  Mr George Herbert, for 36 years one of the Company’s outside sales engineers, died in 1947.’
George Benjamin Herbert married Caroline Beatrice Courtney Page (13 Jan 1871 - 26 Oct 1956) in 1898, and they had two daughters, Vere (b 1 Jul 1899)  & Violet (b 18 Aug 1902).

George Benjamin Herbert
Picture of George Benjamin Herbert