A penal settlement is established in Botany Bay, Australia, and the first convicts arrive on 26th January [ World Event ]
  Accident in the Euston Road [ Event ]
  Agreement signed with Teraoka Seiko Co. Ltd. [ Event ]
  Alexander Graham Bell makes first telephone call March 10th [ World Event ]
  Armistice between the Allies and Germany signed November 11th [ World Event ]
  Arthur Stephens Herbert arrives back in UK from Australia, with son Jim Herbert [ Event ]
  Big Ben's First Strike July 11th [ World Event ]
  Blower's Architect's, Surveyor's, Engineer's and Builder's Directory entry [ Event ]
  Board of Trade Approval for UK's first retail digital scale [ Event ]
  Britain declares war on Germany August 4th [ World Event ]
  Centralised Police Force set up [ World Event ]
  Coldbath Fields Riot (Grays Inn Road) [ World Event ]
  Company Jubilee celebration [ Event ]
  Cook reaches Australia April 9th [ World Event ]
  Decimalisation of UK currency from sd to p completed on Monday 15th February [ World Event ]
  Dinosaurs [ World Event ]
  England's first indoor swimming pool opens in London. Entrance fee is one guinea. [ World Event ]
  Europe's first telephone exchange opens in London on 21st August 1879 by The Telephone Company Ltd. (Bell's Patents) [ World Event ]
  Execution of James Maclean [ World Event ]
  Finsbury Technical College opens on 19 February [ World Event ]
  First aerial crossing of the Channel in a balloon January 7th [ World Event ]
  First FA Cup Final March 16th [ World Event ]
  First sales to Sainsbury's (late Brown & Co.) [ Event ]
  First Underground Railway in the World [ World Event ]