Robert Wood succeeds his uncle Richard [ Event ]
  Sainsbury's founded by John James Sainsbury and his wife Mary Ann [ World Event ]
  Sale of the Butchers Sundries business to Glenhurst Ltd [ Event ]
  Smithfield Market Removal Act passed [ World Event ]
  Southwark Bridge opens on March 24th [ World Event ]
  Stamp Act passed [ World Event ]
  Standards Department of the Board of Trade is set up [ World Event ]
  Sydney Harbour bridge is opened. It is the world's longest single-span arch bridge. [ World Event ]
  Tesco opens first 'superstore' in Crawley [ World Event ]
  The British Broadcasting Company begins daily transmissions. At 6pm the news was read by Arthur Burrows, once at normal speed and once at slow speed. [ World Event ]
  The British Gazette and Sunday Monitor, the first Sunday newspaper in Britain, is published [ World Event ]
  The company history has invoked a '25 year rule', not publishing history after 1985 [ Event ]
  The first England v Wales football international is played at Kennington Oval in London, England winning 2-1 [ World Event ]
  The first Post Office exchange in London opens on 1st March [ World Event ]
  The first text message is sent [ World Event ]
  The first transatlantic wireless message is sent 1,800 miles from Cornwall to St. John's, Newfoundland, where it is received by Marconi [ World Event ]
  The Great Exhibition [ World Event ]
  The magnetic South Pole is found by Ernest Shackleton [ World Event ]
  The process of pasteurization of liquids is developed by Louis Pasteur [ World Event ]
  The speed limit for horseless carriages is raised from 4mph (2mph in towns) to 14mph [ World Event ]
  The Tolpuddle Martyrs who fought the decline of agricultural wages, are sentenced to seven years' transportation to Tasmania [ World Event ]
  The Uniform Penny Post [ World Event ]
  The world's first mobile phone call made in April [ World Event ]
  Thomas Goulding dies; Richard Wood takes over [ Event ]