Former Employees

Our aim is to include details on as many deceased employees as possible, providing that they have completed at least 10 years service with the company.  However we have very few old ‘personnel records’ as such, so the information that we do have is taken from a variety of sources such as photographs, Lion News, etc.  We include them in the hope that some people will find here information relating to their family members or friends which may be of interest.
Ada StaggAlbert MarshallAlf Bolding JnrAlf Bolding Snr
Ada Stagg
Albert Marshall
Alf Bolding Jnr
Alf Bolding Snr
Alf KirkAlf ShakespeareAlf ThurstonAmy Harman
Alf Kirk
Alf Shakespeare
Alf Thurston
Amy Harman
Arthur SearleArthur SummerfieldBarbara MurrayBert Webb
Arthur Searle
Arthur Summerfield
Barbara Murray
Bert Webb
Bill BurrowsBill CardBill GrayBill Lee
Bill Burrows
Bill Card
Bill Gray
Bill Lee
Bill RobertsBill WigginsBill WorkmanBob Chinery
Bill Roberts
Bill Wiggins
Bill Workman
Bob Chinery
Bob GreenBrian FowlerCharles FreebodyCharlie Dickinson
Bob Green
Brian Fowler
Charles Freebody
Charlie Dickinson