Former Employees

Our aim is to include details on as many deceased employees as possible, providing that they have completed at least 10 years service with the company.  However we have very few old ‘personnel records’ as such, so the information that we do have is taken from a variety of sources such as photographs, Lion News, etc.  We include them in the hope that some people will find here information relating to their family members or friends which may be of interest.
Charlie PooreCharlie ReadCharlie ReeveCharlie Skevington
Charlie Poore
Charlie Read
Charlie Reeve
Charlie Skevington
Charlie SweetmanClarence SmithDave CaldwellDerek Greaves
Charlie Sweetman
Clarence Smith
Dave Caldwell
Derek Greaves
Doreen GrangerEddie WheelerEdgar SylvesterEdna Wright
Doreen Granger
Eddie Wheeler
Edgar Sylvester
Edna Wright
Elizabeth WalkerElsie KitchenEric FoxEric Rigg
Elizabeth Walker
Elsie Kitchen
Eric Fox
Eric Rigg
Eric SorrellErnie BettsErnie PerrinErnie Robbens
Eric Sorrell
Ernie Betts
Ernie Perrin
Ernie Robbens
Ernie SearleEvelyn HeathFlo WilliamsFrank Harsant
Ernie Searle
Evelyn Heath
Flo Williams
Frank Harsant