Former Employees

Our aim is to include details on as many deceased employees as possible, providing that they have completed at least 10 years service with the company.  However we have very few old ‘personnel records’ as such, so the information that we do have is taken from a variety of sources such as photographs, Lion News, etc.  We include them in the hope that some people will find here information relating to their family members or friends which may be of interest.
Frank PlumFrank SawFrank SmithFrank Young
Frank Plum
Frank Saw
Frank Smith
Frank Young
Fred BennettFred BettsFred JoslinFred Newman
Fred Bennett
Fred Betts
Fred Joslin
Fred Newman
Fred PennellFred SmallboneFred WadeGed Grainger
Fred Pennell
Fred Smallbone
Fred Wade
Ged Grainger
George DavidsonGeorge HuntGeorge NurseGeorge Organ
George Davidson
George Hunt
George Nurse
George Organ
George PlaterGeorge SpeakmanGeorge WarwickGerard Cartwright
George Plater
George Speakman
George Warwick
Gerard Cartwright
Gladys WallHarry BillinghamHarry SmithHarry West
Gladys Wall
Harry Billingham
Harry Smith
Harry West