Former Employees

Our aim is to include details on as many deceased employees as possible, providing that they have completed at least 10 years service with the company.  However we have very few old ‘personnel records’ as such, so the information that we do have is taken from a variety of sources such as photographs, Lion News, etc.  We include them in the hope that some people will find here information relating to their family members or friends which may be of interest.
Henry OathamHerbert HutchisonHorace EndersbyIan Young
Henry Oatham
Herbert Hutchison
Horace Endersby
Ian Young
Isobel MalyonIvy WestJ W F SalmonJack O'Leary
Isobel Malyon
Ivy West
J W F Salmon
Jack O'Leary
Jack RutherfordJim BraleyJim JowettJimmy Eyre
Jack Rutherford
Jim Braley
Jim Jowett
Jimmy Eyre
Jock RedpathJoe D'Amant JnrJoe D'Amant SnrJohn Bond
Jock Redpath
Joe D'Amant Jnr
Joe D'Amant Snr
John Bond
John DuffellJohn DymokeJohn HooperJohn MacNaughton
John Duffell
John Dymoke
John Hooper
John MacNaughton
John MinshallJohn PageJohn WillcoxKen Rochester
John Minshall
John Page
John Willcox
Ken Rochester